Find strength in your vulnerability.
Nurture a peaceful relationship with food.
Teach your family. Start with you.

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I became a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist to help people heal. I stumbled into the world of nutrition in the most unconventional way.  Desperate from merely surviving day to day with my struggle with anorexia, I yearned for much more than the chaos food had come to symbolize for me. My journey of rediscovery led me through an eating disorder recovery, four pregnancies and deliveries of the most wonderful beings, raising a family, and learning through countless challenges and joys. Because of my own experiences, I am passionately committed to helping others see themselves in a new light. I help each person change their perspective on nutrition and health, so that individuals, families, and communities will thrive together.



The Three Key Ingredients to Living a Nourished Life


I am dedicated to creating a community that empowers parents to nourish themselves first, so that they may better nourish their families. Whether you need support through personal guidance, words of motivation, or inspired family recipes, this space is created to empower you with the knowledge you need and to celebrate your journey to a nourished life for you and your family.

Making peace with food and my body came by challenging the mainstream ideas that had been deeply engrained within me, and I can help you do the same. My passion is transforming lives with well-balanced nutrition that helps people overcome their chaotic relationship with food and body.

Healing my body, mind, and spirit came with proper nourishment and finding activities that fulfilled me. I will teach you to live your best, nourished life and show you how it’s possible to lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Finding your best self will allow you to be a positively driving force for your own family’s health.