A Letter to My Children About Accepting Their Bodies


To my sweet kiddos,

From the moment I knew of your existence, I loved you. You have always been perfect to me. From every freckle and birthmark to the way you crinkle your noses when you laugh and all the beautiful characteristics that uniquely make you. From the very first time I saw you, I was in awe of how perfectly your body was formed inside me.

As I watch each of you grow, I am more in awe of the people you are becoming - your innate capacity to love and learn, explore and create, imagine and hope. I look into each of your bright eyes and see unhindered potential, the possibility of the future. My prayer is that you will grow into the person you were meant to be without having to question the size or shape of your body.

No matter how much I would hope to protect you, you will hear messages from the world that you are not enough, that you should change the way you look or lose weight in order to find acceptability.

My dear loves, believe that your worth and your value are not inherently tied to the size of your body or the amount that you weigh. Know beyond a doubt that you always deserve to be loved and cherished, no matter what season of life you are in or how your body might change over the years.

Your body is an instrument, not an ornament, a vehicle to carry you through your one and only special life, a God-given gift to cherish, respect and honor. Life is full of uncertainties my darlings, but your bodies are not one of them. You don’t need to mold your bodies to the unrealistic expectations and standards that the world holds, nor do you need to subject yourself to its critical point of view.

You will always be more than enough, exactly as you are. So go boldly and fearless in the direction of your dreams, live unapologetically in the one body that vessels your mind, heart, and spirit. Courageously embrace the characteristics that embody who you are, for there are none other in the world with the gifts that you can offer. Learn to take good care of the one place you will call home for your entire life, with respect and kindness, because you deserve nothing less.

You are so loved and cherished, no matter what.