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How to Feed Your Kids When Food Stresses You Out

A Guide For the Overwhelmed Mama Who Wants to Nourish a Healthy Family


Are you overwhelmed that something as “normal” as food is such a fight?

Do you dread dealing with mealtimes because of your own struggles with food or your body in your past?

Are you worried about how the stress you feel about food will impact your kids?

Do you feel stuck about how to move forward from your past to create a new future for your kids?

You are not alone, mama.


I know you want to:

- Raise a healthy child who has a good relationship with food and their body

- Have peaceful family meals and feel confident in how you are feeding your family

- Have positive feeding interactions with your child to empower them to thrive

- Heal from any past struggles that are holding you back in how you care for yourself and your kids

I understand because I’ve fought to make this possible for myself and my kids, too.

As mothers, we are the gatekeepers to food for our children. Feeding is about the love and connection that grows between us and our precious kiddos. Raising a healthy eater starts with US.

Because when mothers thrive, families flourish.

The good news is that you don’t have to do this alone.

I'm introducing a new guide made just for you and other moms who are ready to break through the stress and overwhelm. 

Here's all the amazing stuff you'll learn:

Love good food and be kind toward your body

Trust yourself with eating and how you feed your kids

Share that love and trust with your own children to bring joy back to mealtimes


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